ZERRÉ (Caracas, Venezuela, 1982) is an artist at the intersection of multimedia and post-digital art. Their artistic exploration focuses in the fabulation of spaces and experiences, intertwining organic materialities with synthetic ones derived from their experiments with emerging technologies. They studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the Miró Design Institute (2005, VEN) and later obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts specializing in Sculpture at UNEARTE (2013, VEN). ZERRÉ were a Design, Illustration, and Drawing Professor at the Digital Design Center (2011-2013, VEN). Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, they participated in workshops such as Neither full nor empty by Karina Peisajovich (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2015). Photography Workshop Migrations in Contemporary Art with Eduardo Gil (2015). In the same year, formed part of the team of facilitators for Marina Abramovic’s method workshop at the Performance Biennale (2015. ARG). As a curator, they have worked as Art Lead in Selina (2019, ARG) managing artistic urban interventions.

Their artistic work of photography, site-specific installations, performances, and video performances have been showcased in several exhibitions and events in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, España, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. They recently received the ACE FOUNDATION AWARD during Open Buenos Aires (2023, ARG). ZERRÉ lives and works in Argentina.


I explore the relationship between reality and fiction by intersecting tangible materialities with virtual “materialities” to fabricate spatial and temporal scenarios. In their arrangement, these scenarios evoke an archaeological logic laden with symbolic speculations. This is achieved through a temporal methodology expressed in the stages of the materialization process, resulting in a fragmented narrative consisting of three instances:

Trigger: Creative catalysts expressed through archives, compilation, and/or generation.
Palimpsest: Iterations designed to create an experience challenging the limits of perception.
Evidence: Traces serving as testimony, the artistic object of preservation.


› Solo Exhibition

2018 The Room. The Flow of Presence 100 Days. Escalera Studios. Buenos Aires – ARG

› Most Relevant Group Exhibitions:

2024 Not so different. TACHA Gallery. Buenos Aires – ARG
2023 OPEN BUENOS AIRES. 2023. Buenos Aires – ARG
2018 Cavallero Juventus. Buenos Aires – ARG
2017 Proyecto País. Espacio Proyecto. Buenos Aires – ARG
2016 Transdiverso. Odalys Gallery. Madrid – ESP
2016 Foto Féminas. Eleven Views in Venezuelan Contemporary Photography. El Hatillo Gallery. Caracas – VEN
2015 Electro Estética Ambiental.ve. BOD Cultural Center promoted by Fundación Telefónica Venezuela. Caracas – VEN
2014 Foto Féminas. Eleven Views in Venezuelan Contemporary Photography. Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia MACZUL. Maracaibo – VEN
2014 Foto Féminas. Eleven Views in Venezuelan Contemporary Photography. Acarigua Araure Museum. Portuguesa – VEN
2012 Tribute to the Visual Artist. National Art Gallery. Caracas – VEN
2011 “Arroz con Mango” / “La Carpa” Collective. Arturo Michelena Foundation – Banco Industrial de Venezuela. Caracas – VEN
2011 Mercado de Coche. Alejandro Otero Museum MAO. Caracas – VEN
2011 Supercable Salon Young Artists with FIA XIV Edition. BOD Cultural Center. Caracas – VEN
2008 The Forms of the Verb. Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas. Caracas – VEN

› Events:

2019 Video Performance_10 years PERPENDICULAR, Peras del Olmo. Buenos Aires – ARG
2019 Performance_100xSiento Presentation Lab, Peras del Olmo. Buenos Aires – ARG
2018 Video Performance_Transits of Arrival and Return. Antigua Academia de San Carlos. 2018, Mexico City – MEX
2018 Performance_FUGAZ: Performance Fair. La Experimental Gallery. Barquisimeto – VEN
2018 Video Performance_ Berlin Collective Self-Portrait. Wander Wohnzimmer. Berlin – DEU
2013 Installation and Performance_Launch of Transform Today Absolut Vodka Venezuela. Caracas – VEN
2013 Video Performance_ [UTC -4:30] An Approach to Performance in Venezuela. Mexico City – MEX
2011 Video Performance_Moving Video Art: Body and Woman. International Traveling Video Art Exhibition. Lima – PER
2011 Video Performance_Video & Performance Exhibition promoted by Cine Galpão and Brazil Performance. São Paulo – BRA
2011 Sonorous performance_3rd Sound Art Encounter Parlante. Celarg. 2011, Caracas – VEN
2010 Sonorous performance_2nd Ibero-American Sound Art Encounter. Centro de Arte los Galpones. Caracas – VEN
2010 Video Performance_1st Mega Urban Intervention of Contemporary Art ARTEVA. Buenos Aires – ARG
2009 Sonorous performance_Ibero-American Sound Art Encounter. Chacao Cultural Center. Caracas – VEN
2009 Performance_3rd Minas Trabajando Event – Working Mines. Montepiadas Association of E.T.C. Santiago de Chile – CHL

› Award:


› Residencies:

2023 – 2024 Ecosistema de afectos Art Training Program. Buenos Aires – ARG
2023 Fundación´ace for Contemporary Art Residency. Buenos Aires – ARG
2023 “Las Pieles” Program Residency at Rocas Raras. Córdoba – ARG
2015 Artistic Residency in Interactive Multimedia Technologies for the Stage organized by InTAD. Buenos Aires – ARG

› Collection:

Temporal Dissection of a Drifting Cycle. Odalys Foundation Collection
Reminiscence of the Mountain. VAEA Collection. Venezuelan American Fund for the Arts

› Employment:

2022- 2023 Design. Communication Department. BIENALSUR – UNTREF
2019 Art Leader. Interventions and Murals. Selina Hotel Nueva Córdoba – ARG
2019 Art Leader. Interventions and Murals. Selina Hotel Bariloche – ARG

› Education:

2020 – on hold. Master’s in Arts. Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts. National University of Tres de Febrero UNTREF. ARG
2015-2016 Diploma in Museography and Marketing for Cultural Institutions. University of the Argentine Social Museum UMSA. ARG
2007-2013 Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a focus on Sculpture. National Experimental University of the Arts UNEARTE. VEN
2000 – 2005 Graphic Designer with a focus on Illustration. Miró Design Institute. VEN



ZERRÉ is what resides, feeling like a point in the infinity of space. They stand upon the translucent roots of non-attachment and even without desiring it, they evaporate, traveling like the air. They are a dream of becoming matter and returning somewhere or nowhere, like smoke. They are present in being and a vestige because they were. They appear to reveal themselves and disappear to leave traces, as there is pleasure in being and growing in that moment, but they find greater pleasure in absence. They become volatile in the resonance of fortuitous moments, collecting them to transform. They are a multitude within one, bearing the incalculable duty of creating. A walker awaiting encounters with the embracing forms of the landscape that will shelter them. They wait in the lull of silence, and in it, they find the perfect haven to incubate creative delusions. They are made of the past and treasure it, bringing it back to decipher the enigma of the enigma. They are an island in the midst of the storm. Incandescent light of a soul that finds, after losing everything. They cross the bridge from the real to the imaginary, returning to life after knowing they were dead. It is existence condensed into a cry and the whisper of five letters that metamorphose. They knew themselves in fullness and, exhausted by it, emptied themselves to rebuild. Without forgetting, they leave everything behind to continue. They manifest, but are not just the repetition of a face or a voice; they are the ceaseless drawing of the ideas that set a body in motion, standing up to materialize the immaterial. They are a laboratory of the intangible, with the hope of translating formlessness into deeds. They are a mirror in front of another mirror, the infinite multiplication of the gaze. Their body is an excuse and a place. They are being oneself, which is everything and nothing. They are a mobile that breathes without suffocation. They are the manifestation of the impulse to create for the mere sake of creating, knowing that without such a thing, there would be no purpose. They await the right moment to reveal themselves, weaving juxtapositions of light and shadows while imagining the anomaly in the midst of a gray sea. They are the nonsense that wishes to abandon all pretension, surrendering to the coherent incoherence of actions. They are and do, in time and with it.

They are a palimpsest.